Our team consisting of qualified and experienced engineers, scientists, technicians, plumbers and electricians have the expertise and practical knowledge to guide your project or business from inception to completion. We also partner with top international manufcaturers to offer our clients high quality systems and equipment at affordable prices.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

We offer systems of all sizes for treatment, distribution, disposal and re-use of domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural water and wastewater. Offerings include:


Design and installation of new wastewater treatment systems

  • Extended Aeration Activated Sludge
  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR)
  • Intergated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS)
  • Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU's)
  • Attached Growth/Packed Bed Systems
  • Packaged Plants

Refurbishment of existing wastewater treatment systems


Operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems


Supply of wastewater treatment equipment and components

  • Blowers - Regenerative, Positive Displacement, Linear
  • Pumps - Submersible, Centrifugal, Multistage
  • Diffusers - Coarse, Fine
  • Disinfection - Chlorine and Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Control Panels
  • Measurement - Flow, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids and more.... 
  • Screens, Baskets, Baffles and Weirs
  • Hoists

Environmental Engineering & Consultancy


Our team of specialists will provide assistance with all aspects of your project or ongoing business from conceptual design with associated  statutory approvals to ongoing execution and maintenance. Services include:


Assistance with Environmental Legislation:

  • Certificates of Environmental Clearance
  • Air Pollution Rules
  • Water Pollution Rules
  • Environmental Impact Assessments


Assistance with Business Operations:

  • Energy Audits
  • Environmental Plans
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Quality Assurance Project Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Laboratory Analyses

Renewable Energy

Reduce your carbon footprint and electricity bill at the same time! We offer solar photovolaic systems for lighting and much more.

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